Low Tide at South Alki, Moon Snails

Moon Snail

Sunday around 10am was the lowest tide of the season in the Puget Sound. Jason and I got up and headed down to South Alki Beach in West Seattle to play in the tide pools with other curious people and the friendly, helpful Seattle Aquarium beach naturalists. As I took a lot of pictures and saw a lot of brand new things I'm going to split these creatures into a few separate posts.

Moon snail w/ foot out

Moon snails, Euspira lewisii after Lewis & Clark, are pretty much the scariest things I've ever touched. So slimy and smooth, with a penchant for expelling their water and 75% of their size to hide in a shell. Somewhere inside that mass of fleshy foot is an assassin that drills perfect holes inside hard clam shells. It lays its eggs by making bells of sand, mucus and eggs that appear just like trashy used sandpaper. It's pretty much the type of creature I would have never believe existed, and the type of creature I now fear finding me in my sleep. Oh, the things you can find on a city beach.

Freshly dug

Jason and Cthulu

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