Beer & Pizza: Idaho Springs, CO


2 recent trips to Denver have resulted in us finding our way to Idaho Springs, famous for 2 things- Beau Jo's Colorado style pizza and the Tommyknocker brewery & pub.

Tommyknocker is your typical brewpub with good beer all around. I was partial to their coffee toned Black Powder Stout, but I'm always one for stouts. I also took home a sharp but not chalky Tommyknocker root beer that I'd highly recommend if you've just had it with all the amazing Colorado beer.

Colorado style pizza is regular pizza with a bubbly hearty crust that gets a large helping of honey. Go ahead and order the spinach dip with your pizza. It will be WAY too much food, but it's the best spinach artichoke dip I've ever tasted and it gives you something else to cover your pizza crust with.


Both places are well prepared to handle multiple large groups, but there may be a little wait. Take up the time by getting a pin and marking your hometown in the lobby of BeauJo's, but beware as the US is nearly packed by now though. Such a wonderful town to visit with friends.

Tommyknocker Brew pub

Idaho Springs is on I-70 about 45 minutes due East of Denver. The town itself is small, but cute and the perfect stop to relax after a day of hiking or in my case, altitude sickness.

Tommyknocker Black Powder Stout

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