Rolling a Reliant Robin

I love cars and snark and British TV so naturally I’m a big Top Gear fan. I love how Audi owners are cocks and that James May gets no respect and it is hands down the funniest show I’ve ever seen when it’s being funny and the sexiest show I’ve seen when it’s time for a Lamborghini to hit the track.

I’ve found myself laughing to tears on multiple occasions when they drift away from the super cars into the novelty bits, with the tops being Jeremy Clarkson driving a Reliant Robin. A Robin was a 3 wheeled car built like a trike that was popular in North England in the 1970s. Classified as a motorbike with a less restrictive license it never became big beyond with the people who needed transportation without a car.

Driving a car with only one wheel in the front in an area full of slight hills and roundabouts? Pure comedy. I’ve watched this clip dozens of times without losing an ounce of enjoyment.

Put up with the advertisement, but if 8 minutes is too long for you skip ahead to 3:07 for “To try and understand why the Robin was so popular up north I pulled over to chat to some enthusiasts.”

Now if you’ll excuse me Netflix has 116 episodes of Top Gear available for streaming so I’ve got some more cars to leer at.

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